My first visit but definitely not my last.

As a Walt Disney World local I was so worried I would be disappointed by Disneyland. I need this all the time from avid WDW fans.

“It wasn’t as big and I was disappointed”

I’m here to tell y’all that the intimate feel is what I enjoyed most. Disneyland only has two parks. Park hopping at DLR (Disneyland resort) takes 3 minutes. Everything is close together. There aren’t tons of dining options, but still enough to satisfy.

Matterhorn at Disneyland

A large part of the reason I became a travel agent was because I got tired of seeing people on the verge of tears at Walt Disney World. It feels like you need a degree in WDW to enjoy it. There is so much to remember and so many options to choose from.

At Disneyland you can still benefit from tips and tricks, you can book a trip with me in the link on my home page. But you get that intimate casual feel. More importantly you get to spend time family instead of stressing over getting across the parks or maximizing Genie +.

Avengers Campus

No more needs said. Avengers Campus is amazing. It’s only a year old but the most immersive experience I have done at Disney. Due to copyrights with Universal it’s unlikely the Avengers will ever been represented at WDW. Go to Disneyland! Break the Guardians out, meet Captain America, eat food at Pym’s. I’ve been dreaming of Avengers Campus for a year and it lives up to the hype.

Cars Land

Another cute land you won’t find at WDW. Cars land has the cutest vibes especially at night.

So bright!

Meeting characters is super informal at Disneyland. You just happen upon them!

But the biggest reason you need to plan your next trip to DLR is the price. I just quoted a family of 4 at the Grand Californian for 3 nights. 4 day ticket with park hopper for under $5k. I was shocked and am currently planning a trip for my family this December.

I’m an avid WDW fan, but Disneyland was magical. The two are more different than the same and you should definitely check out Disneyland!

Pixar Pier