Celebrating Mardi Gras: Preschool Edition

We didn’t celebrate Mardi Gras growing up. I’ve never even been to Louisiana. But I’ll take any excuse to celebrate.

Sharkie and I are always looking for ways to add Disney to our celebrations. So for us, Mardi Gras always becomes a celebration of one of our favorite princesses: Tiana.

Sharkie’s Tiana jumpsuit is from last season, but you can get this seasons here.

First we had to get into character. Shop Disney has a large selection of Tiana dresses.
Rounded up my favorites.

Cinnamon rolls make an easy substitution for king cake. We cover ours with green and purple sanding sugar for an extra festive touch.

We always split ours in half to make Mickey ears. This is popular year round with Sharkie.
Rounded up some of our favorite Tiana toys

Are you doing a Tiana Mardi Gras if you’re not cooking?
We made Tiana’s green bean casserole. We used a Disney Christmas cookbook, but any green bean casserole will do.

We always finish our day with a showing of Princess and the Frog, while wearing Mardi Gras masks. You can typically pick these up at Dollar Tree.

Ours is super low key as far as Mardi Gras celebrations go, but it’s the perfect fun day for a young child, or anyone who loves Tiana.

Happy Mardi Gras!