As the kid of a teacher and someone who has worked in and out of the school system. I’ve always celebrated the minor holidays.

Then I became a mom…

Sharkie was born extra.

I thought I loved holidays but this girl LOVES holidays. She asks about them all the time. Recites their calendar order. She will tell anyone who will listen what her favorite holiday is and asks them what they’re doing for… (insert next holiday)

She knows what my favorite holiday is. So I’m peppered with different questions. Like…mommy when are we decorating for St. Patrick’s Day? Mommy can I help decorate? Mommy can we go buy more St. Patrick’s day decorations?

With the rise of social media and home decor in general it’s easier to find St Patrick’s (or New Years, 5th of July) decor than it used to be.

Still it’s not easy. So this year I’ve rounded up some decor links and ideas.

I adore this custom Disney banner and she makes them for every holiday. You can buy yours here.
Tablescapes really brighten up the dining room

Bullseye’s Playground is a great place to stock up on obscure holiday decor. I picked up both these planters there for $3. You can also repurpose everyday green items, like this vintage green vase. Find a similar one here. Top it off with green silk flowers.

Tabletop signs are such an easy way to decorate. Another easy find at Bullyeyes Playground but I’ve linked some here.
Repurpose any rainbow decor you may have. Perfect for St. Patrick’s day and general spring decor!
Seasonal Books

In addition to being a decor lover, Sharkie also loves seasonal books. In store prices for seasonal books are sometimes high, but you can usually pick up some for less than $5 on amazon. Linking Sharkie’s here.

Looking for an easy activity for your preschooler to do on March 17th. Keep it simple by grabbing a box of Lucky Charms and sort/count the marshmallows. It’s always a crowd pleaser at our house.

Decorating for St. Patrick’s is always the first sign of spring in our house! I hope this helps you create a little magic!