Trigger Warning: The following post will discuss health issues such as infertility and weight gain.

Every December I set one lofty goal for the next year and one realistic. When I think of my goals I always say a silent prayer for gratitude for my health.

Born a little over 2 months early with a heart murmur I know how very lucky I am to have always been fairly healthy. The only other long term complications I have from being so premature are crooked fingers and lungs that take longer to heal after a cold etc.

Baby Tara

When you’re 29 years old you begin to think you’re in a good spot health wise. Too old for develop anything hereditary, too young for chronic health issues to develop.

Or so I thought.

My Nana had endometriosis, my mom had undiagnosed fertility issues, when it took a long time to conceive my daughter I wasn’t surprised. But the majority of the pregnancy went well. I had some issues in the last month and right after she was born that led us to close the door on having more children. But otherwise things were good.

Early this year I developed debilitating cramps, cystic acne, unexplained weight gain, and a tiredness all the time. For around 6 months I didn’t tell anyone. I’d always heard PMS is worse after childbirth.

In August I finally told Chase and made a doctors appointment. My doctors in Lexington did some minor blood work and sent me away with a diagnosis of painful periods and of course a prescription for birth control.

Instagram is definitely a highlight reel

I knew it was more than that. So the minute we moved I made a follow up appointment at a new GYN and primary. Fortunately doctors in Florida were more through. After tons of visits to the doctor I have endometriosis and high cholesterol. (They aren’t related, but I have both lol)

I feel like a stranger in my own body. I’m in pain almost all the time. Earlier this month Chase and I had to make the decision to lock the door on having more kids. I had an IUD implant put in. Supposedly this will lessen the symptoms. So far I still feel horrible, but it’s early.

Aside from the pain this has been a confidence destroyer. Gaining weight has been super hard. I don’t know how to dress anymore and my clothes don’t fit. It’s superficial, but it’s so frustrating. The cystic acne is no fun either.

The internet is a great place to highlight our successes and the goodness in our lives. So much so that we start to think no one struggles but us.

Every person you meet is going through their own battle. Be kind.

And stick up for yourself. Doctors may be experts but they don’t know you better than you know yourself.

I hope that 2022 is your year. I hope it finds you happy and healthy.

Happy New Year!