Downtown is so carefree and fun

Is West Virginia on your travel list?

To be honest it was only on mine in a “see all 50 states way”, but surprisingly we had a great time in Charleston, WV over the 4th.

5 reasons to put the Mountain State on your travel list.

1) The people are so incredibly nice. I mean nicer than Disney Cast Members. Everyone we met from people in the service sector to random folks on the street was so nice. Honestly, dealing with pleasant people is the best. Everyone was so friendly and so very kind to Sharkie.

2) The Weather! It’s been hot as hades in Lexington. It felt like summer, but enjoyable in WV. Warm, but not hot and no humidity. When I got out of the car back in Lexington I wanted to melt.

We enjoyed such nice weather.

3) Cute and Walkable downtown, we stayed at @embassysuitescwv which was beautiful and super clean. We were in walking distance of pretty much everything we wanted to do. We never got back on the interstate once we checked in. We walked to @charlestontowncenter, we were in walking distance of several amazing restaurants, and some cute stores. The whole vibe I got walking through downtown was very 70s. Which my vintage soul enjoyed.

So many murals!

4) Speaking of food, we were pleasantly surprised to find so many dog friendly restaurants. We traveled with Tia and sometimes it’s hard to find places, but @blacksheepwv and @piesandpints both are. Several others are as well, but these are the ones I called. We are ate Black Sheep and the food was really good! I recommend the Nashville Hot Chicken Burrito.

I really enjoyed Black Sheep. Would totally go back.

5) The Capitol is beautiful. I love historic and state buildings and the WV state Capitol is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. It’s definitely worth the walk around and across from the river which is beautiful as well! I harbored my own prejudices about WV being a backwater. But I was glad to be wrong.

So pretty! I loved it.
Beautiful water across from the Capitol.

We did a ton in our 36 hour trip to Charleston, but the atmosphere still made it so laid back and relaxing. We had a great time. It’s a very affordable city to visit, perfect for a long weekend.