If you’re like so many Americans you’ve got the travel bug. Being home all last year has us all itching to go somewhere.

Some may not be ready to fly yet, or maybe you’re just partial to road trip, our family is. My husband is tall and planes are uncomfortable. Plane tickets for three are expensive, so we road trips 95% off the time.

So we hit the road

We always pack a tablet, but I try to keep Sharkie off it as much as I can. She doesn’t need 13 hours of screen time. So I always pack a road trip kit.

These boxes are less than $5 and reusable. Perfect for everything we need. I let Sharkie decorate them herself with stickers we had at home.

When we head to Disney next week we’re also traveling with my 7 year old nephew. So I made a boy box too! Honestly preparing these before a trip is super fun. Sharkie helped and we spent the better part of a day getting them together.

I try to keep what’s inside the box between $10-$15.

Dollar Tree, Five Below, and Target One Spot are great places to stock up. For Sharkie’s box I added this microfiber cleaning cloth (we’re gonna use it as a puppet) $1 at Dollar Tree, a bag of candy $1 at Dollar Tree. We also got the small Disney figure at Dollar Tree. They almost always have these in a ton of choices and they’re great for car play.

These magic ink color pads are a must for toddler travel.

We already had the tiny magna doodle, but it was $1 at One Spot. The coloring pads are $3.

Lastly I packed a fidget popper we already had and some glow sticks for nights in the park. Hopefully this saves mama money on glow toys.

For my nephew I packed a lot of similar things so we didn’t have any arguments, but age appropriate since they’re 4 years apart.

The only differences are he got crayons instead of a mess free pad and a puzzle instead of a puppet.
This seemed like something that would keep him occupied. $1 at One Spot.

Since for my nephew this is a once in a lifetime trip I tried to make it a little extra. Y’all know I love to be extra. So I got each kid a Disney Parks Wishable from Five Below for $5.

I was so stoked to find these. A friend shared this and we ran over. We normally don’t shop Five Below. Going to let the kids open on the drive.
Target has a great selection of summer items right now and this road trip game should pass a lot of time. Age appropriate for both kids too. You can get one here.
One last addition. Bugs are everywhere in Florida evenings. These will help.

Hope these kits help you plan an awesome summer road trip with your kiddos. Whether you’re going to Disney or somewhere else.