Sharkie loves crafts. She would make something everyday if I had time.

It can be so frustrating to look for a cute craft idea online and then find out it needs $25 worth of craft supplies you don’t have at home.

I love these intricate projects mentioned above but they’re just not practical to do all the time.

These ants are slightly more detailed than the rest I will share, but easily made with items found at home or kept in a craft drawer.
With them items on hand you can make so many things. You can purchase them all for around $20.

Being a Disney kid, most of the crafts Sharkie in wants to do are Disney related. We love having Disney magic at home!

Mulan fireworks: we used construction paper, paint and glitter pens. Such a fun opportunity to get messy.
Finding Nemo handprint art: paint and paper!

Crafting doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be fun! Your kids will love anything you do with them. Sometimes the simple memories are the best.