Let’s face it, a gluten free diet is hard at home. On vacation it can seem impossible. One of my favorite things about visiting Epcot during a festival is all the yummy food I can try. I was so worried I would be able to this trip.

Topiaries during Flower and Garden are a can’t miss!

Fortunately Disney Parks do an excellent job providing allergy friendly foods. All items during the festival are marked with a G if they’re gluten free.

The orange G signifies Gluten Free.
This GF tostado in the Mexico Pavilion is my top pick.

While their isn’t a gluten free item at every kiosk most have them. I tried the majority of what was available.

This cornbread cake was delicious.
Popsicle trio at Refreshment Port. Lime is my favorite.
Macs are always available at Epcot and always gluten free.

I don’t have celiac, just a sensitivity, so my advice may not fit for everyone. All the kiosk food is prepared in the same kitchen so use your best judgment for your individual case.

So many beautiful topiaries. Nothing says Spring like Flower and Garden.

Gluten-free is possible at a Disney festival. Stay tuned for my full recap of F&G and a full post on Disney with allergies.