Lexington to Orlando is a 13 hour drive. It can be so hard to keep a toddler occupied. Here’s what’s in our car bag.

This Vera Bradley bag is amazing. Holds so much. We use it in the parks as well.
Pack a car bag with me
Sharkie’s must haves for the car trip.

I recommend packing snacks that are healthy, but less messy. We take goldfish and fruit veggie pouches. I pack snacks for myself too. It’s hard to eat well on the road. I pack dried apple chips and water flavoring for my water.

My road trip entertainment

My husband does almost 100% of the driving. So I have time to read or play games. But I try to talk to him a lot; nobody wants to be bored while driving that far.

Our favorite car game? Naming a Disney character let’s say you name Yzma, then the next place has to name one that starts with an A. Aurora->Alice-> Eugene. You get the idea. When you’re stumped your out. Last one standing wins!

Another travel tip I highly recommend. Everyone potty’s every time you stop. It’s non negotiable in our family. In the end it really cuts down on travel time. With Sharkie being 2.5 we do still travel with a car potty and if need be, Chase pulls off on the side for her to use it.

Definitely bring plastic grocery bags in case of a poop. Potty cleans up well with wipes.
A few other toddler park must haves

Traveling with a toddler can be difficult, especially at Disney. But it doesn’t have to be. These items help us a ton!