My daughter is 2.5 and sometimes it feels like they need so much stuff you’ll never get packed. Our family travels frequently and we go by the rule of one bag per family member plus a backpack.

Sharkie does travel a lot, so we are able to manage without some things. For instance she sleeps in a bed now so we don’t need a pack and play and I don’t pack a pillow.

She gets 2 outfits a day, and while she’s potty trained during the day she still wears a pull-up at night. I pack one for each day plus 2 spares.

Pack with me

Even though we try to be minimal, there are two things we can leave at home. Sharkie is afraid of the dark and we always travel with her light up elephant and her hatch.

My toddler must haves

Sometimes it feels like you can’t get everything in the bag, but packing cubes help us a ton!