Going in for surgery

In case you missed it or are new here I had a breast reduction and lift on 1/27. If you’re curious what lead me to plastic surgery I’m happy to tag you in that post.

Recovery… was not what I expected. My surgeon told me 6 weeks and I’m like sweet I’m a super healer so I’ll be back to normal by like 4 weeks.

Oh was I wrong. For 6 weeks I couldn’t lift anything but Sharkie, the only exercise I got was walking. It’s amazing how quickly your body can become weak. I have no muscle right now. But I’m slowly building back up.

I highly recommend having someone come to help if you have a small child. Chase took amazing care of me, but we honestly needed my mom here to get through the first week. I slept a lot and couldn’t do much.

Y’all know I can’t sit still so once mom left I really worked to do all my usual chores and side hustles, but I did have to take breaks in the afternoon. Listen to your body. I binge watched Criminal Minds.

The most painful part wasn’t the surgery itself, but the liposuction on my ribs. My breasts had very little pain. But my ribs are still sore at 7 weeks out.

This was the bruising the day I came home. Lipo is a really violent procedure.
About a week out

Waiting on the scars to heal is like watching paint dry. I have one that hasn’t closed completely yet, so another 4 weeks in the surgical bra and no weightlifting for me. I feel fortunate that that was my only complication. Otherwise things have gone really well.

If you’re thinking about this surgery you decide how much you want to reduce with your surgeon. I am down 2 cups sizes and 1 band size and the change from the lift is AMAZING.

That being said I really wanted to go down 3 cups sizes but surgeon didn’t recommend it for my body type.

Looking back he was totally correct, but when you’ve hated something about your body as long as I’ve hated my breasts it’s easy to just want them gone.

The confidence gained from this surgery is amazing. I feel so happy with the way my shirts fit and I don’t feel like I have to hide.

This was 100% the right choice for me and 10/10 would do it again.

My number one tip to help skin heal faster from any time of surgery? Collagen. I’m taking collagen powder and gummies plus a traditional hair vitamin. I started this regimen when part of my scar wouldn’t pull together and it cut the healing time in half! My skin and hair also look better than they ever have!

The current supplements I’m using. Plus one I give Sharkie. I couldn’t recommend this line more.

If you have any questions about my plastic surgery journey drop them below.

6 weeks post op. So happy!