With multiple trips to Disney per year we’re packing experts.

As a girl who loves outfits I’m a huge over packer. I typically have 2 outfits planned for every day we’re at Disney. I like to keep things organized and easy to find. Over the years I’ve developed a packing system. Packing cubes are key.

I can’t pack for anywhere without these 4 items.

I find that keeping everything in an organizer or contained space keeps my bag from over flowing while making it easy to find stuff.

I lay out everything I want to pack before I get started.

Once my clothes, shoes, and jewelry are packed. I move onto makeup and hygiene items. Since you need these items until the day you leave it’s easy to forget them. I hang my travel organizer in my bathroom and as I’m done with items I put them in the bag. Then roll it up and pack it the day we leave. I highly recommend the travel organizer from Vera Bradley. Linked above.

One last tip. I’m an anxious person by nature. We get on the road and I worry…did I lock my back door? Is the oven on? Is the garage door closed? To keep those nagging thoughts at bay on vacation I take pictures of anything I worry about while I’m gone so my mind is settled.

Typically I take “worry pictures” of…

  • Garage door
  • Door locks
  • Garage door
  • Candles
  • Area where I use my curling iron

If you’re anxious like me this is a huge weight off.